Editor’s Picks: 10 Best RC Drift Cars for Kids and Adults in 2021

RC drift cars are the most popular remote control car known for their balance, control, and speed. These cars provide the ultimate thrill of racing, appealing to both adults and kids alike. Usually, in drift racing, the rear tires slide, and the car meanders sideways. There are various types of RC drift cars available in the market today. Listed below are the best RC drift cars with their unique features, which will guide you to choose the best one.


List  of the 10 Best RC Drift Cars or Remote Control Drift Cars in 2021

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1. Best Overall: Super GT RC Sport Racing Drift Car

Remote Control Car for Adults

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  • Material: PP
  • High Speed: 30 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: rechargeable 700Mah1.5V AA NI-Cd battery

This super-fun and engaging RC drift cat by Makerfire is driven by 2.4G remote control with the help of which you can drift multiple times. This one performs an ‘eight-figure drift’ and a ‘u-shape’ drift easily with an action-sensitive gesture. It provides excellent flexibility and prevents rupture, as the RC car is made from a high-quality PC material. Moreover, it features a rearview mirror, OMB diversion, car shell lock, and fine adjustment direction – all of which make it look like a real car. It has a strong battery life, with great speeding and turning capacity. Overall, it will provide you the best of the drifting experience!

Key Features:

  • Great speeding and drifting
  • Strong battery life with a long-running time
  • Provides excellent flexibility
  • Made from premium quality PC material
  • Comes with a charger
  • Easy to operate

2. Best RC Drift Truck: BEZGAR 1 Hobbyist Grade 1:12 Scale Remote Control Truck

All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Car

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  • Material: Metal, Steel, PVC, Rubber
  • High Speed: 42 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: 2 Lithium ions

This Bezgar product is an excellent and high-grade vehicle that is perfect for the hobbyist world of remote-controlled cars. It is quite fast and responsive, with a powerfully brushed motor and proportional steering. The motor allows the truck’s remote control to have a high speed of 42km/hr, which offers great competitiveness in a drag race. Made from high-quality materials, this RC car will offer you durability with the thrill and fun of racing!

One of its unique features is that it comes equipped with a headlight, which turns on automatically when the remote switches on, giving it a more realistic look. The protective features such as; Splash-proof, Water resistance, over-current protection, and battery low cut off protection – makes the truck optimal for rugged and long-lasting use. This truck is very suitable for entry and intermediate level users who are moving towards the advanced level.

Key features:

  • Made from high-quality nylon
  • Features a high-powered motor
  • Durable and rugged
  • Has safety features for an optimal use
  • Comes with an intuitive and responsive remote control
  • It comes fully assembled

3. Best Runner Up: HSP 1:10 Scale Large RC Car

Electric Power On Road Drift Racing Car

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  • Material: Alloy and Aluminum
  • High Speed: 35 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: AA Batteries

With excellent and professional performance, this HSP large scale RC car comes with an intuitive controller that provides reliable and effective control. This RC car comes installed with brake and reverse features, ensuring that you have a stronghold over the car. Moreover, made from lightweight yet well-sturdy materials, this car allows for long-lasting use with safety. It features rear and front differentials with Bevel Gear to prevent collision and damage. Also, it is relatively easy to clean if filled with wet dirt and mud. On the whole, it is a cool car and the perfect present for any occasion!

Key features:

  • Features a strong battery life
  • Comes with multiple features
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Well-sturdy and lightweight
  • Comes with a charger and intuitive controller
  • Is fast for an RC Car

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4. Best Under $ 60: Jada Toys Fast & Furious Han’s Mazda RX-7 Drift RC Car

Fast & Furious Han’S Mazda RX-7 Drift RC Car

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  • Material: PP
  • High Speed: 20 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: 1 AA batteries

If you enjoyed fast & furious and dreamed of owning one of their cars, then this Jada manufactured Han’s Mazda is the perfect choice for you! This car has an authentic style, and its details are taken directly from the film ‘Fast and Furious Tokyo drift.’ It has a full-functioning R/C with high-powered drifting action that provides you the ultimate thrill of racing. Also, this car includes batteries and a USB charging technology for optimal usage. Moreover, the pistol-controller has the perfect grip and turbo button, pressing which you can take your car to a high-performance speed. It is an amazing vehicle that provides you durability and long-lasting usage.

Key Features:

  • Easy to control and use
  • Well-built and long-lasting
  • Features a full-functioning R/C
  • Comes with batteries and a USB charger
  • Has a pistol-controller with a turbo switch
  • Provides the ultimate experience of drifting

5. Best Value For Money: Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

Metallic Blue Remote control racing car

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  • Materials: Aluminum, Polycarbonate
  • High-Speed: 20 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: 1 Lithium-ion

This fully assembled and ready to run drift car comes loaded with features that give you a high-performance experience. This car features a strong brush motor that gives ample power and speed to all its four wheels. With Hexfly high-torque servo, you can easily navigate through all harsh-off road conditions, and with a waterproof case, you can easily protect the precision gears and electronics from getting damaged.

Its lightweight plastic frame with aluminum top plate gives you almost effortless direction and quick drift recovery. The efficient ESC allows the EPX Drift car to back out of any difficulty. On the other hand, the 2.4GHz radio system provides ample control for steering multiple corners in seconds! With its tunable suspension, adjustable ride height, adjustable toe angle, and selectable shock positions, this car is a complete package for an amazing drifting experience!

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality, lightweight materials
  • Reliable and durable to use
  • Navigates through harsh-off road effortlessly
  • Has waterproof electronics
  • Comes with smooth drifting wheels
  • Includes a battery and a charger

6. Best For Kids: EACHINE EC06 RC Drift Sports Racing Car

Electric Vehicle RC Drag Cars

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  • Material: Alloy
  • High Speed: 22 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: 1 Lithium ion

If you are looking for a perfect RC drift car for your kid, then stop looking and buy this EACHINE EC06 RC car. This car is made from durable alloy materials and complies ethically with USA safety standards for kids’ toys. Equipped with a high-powered electric motor, it fulfills your child’s racing dreams with high-speed driving needs. It comes with in-built protection devices that let you drive the car smoothly, even after collisions.

With a beautiful and pleasant appearance, the car features soft rubber tires with high-resistance, making it easy to drive the car under various road conditions. Also, it has a highly responsive remote controller, which allows for flexible operations. These features, combined with strong battery life, make this RC car one of the best toy cars!

Key Features:

  • Made from durable alloy material
  • Allows for multi-directional driving
  • Has an energy-saving battery
  • Can be driven on all kinds of roads
  • The controller is highly responsive
  • Perfect for child use

7. Best Exterior: GoolRC WL toys K989 RC Car

High Speed RC Race Car Drift Car for Kids

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  • Material: PC
  • High Speed: 30 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: 7.4V400mAh

This RC car has a metal framework with an explosion-proof shell, making it tough and rugged to survive any collision or drop. The car’s speed effortlessly reaches up to 30 km/hr and lets you perform U-shape drift with ease! With a 2.4 GHZ controller, you can efficiently control the speed and direction of this car. Moreover, you will never get any radio interference with this RC electric car. It also comes with a four-wheel suspension system with good shock absorption effect and good elasticity, allowing for smooth driving. All in all, it is a super-fast, responsive car with intuitive remote control and strong battery life.

Key features:

  • Comes with an efficient transmitter
  • Performs U-shaped drift with ease
  • No radio interference ever
  • Comes equipped with an explosion-proof shell
  • Has flexible and durable racing tires
  • Features a high-capacity battery

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8. Cheapest Of All: Sinovan RC Racing Car

Powerful Toy Cars Buggy for Boys and Girls with Two Rechargeable Batteries

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  • Material: Plastic, Rubber
  • High Speed: 20 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: 2 Lithium-ion batteries

This fun and sporty car offer you an incredible speed with an amazing experience of driving! Its non-toxic plastic materials and flexible electronic elements make this car rugged and crashworthy. The car is easy to operate with a 2.4GHz transmitter and large capacity battery. Also, two or more of these RC cars can easily be driven together without any remote confusion. This car features an elastic body and tires, with a strong motor and steering system. Moreover, this vehicle can be used by both children and adults alike! It is a well-built RC car that provides a high-performance experience of racing.

Key Features:

  • Well-sturdy and flexible
  • Offers an incredible speed
  • Comes with a large capacity battery
  • Has an elastic body with tires
  • Strong motor and efficient steering system,
  • Perfect for use by adults and children

9. Best Design: Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

Racing EPX Drift Car with 7.2V 2000mAh Battery

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  • Materials: Aluminum, Polycarbonate
  • High Speed: 20 km/hr.
  • Batteries: 7.2V 2000mAh NIMH

This stylish RC car gives you the ultimate dependability and precision necessary for a speedy drifting experience. It comes fully-assembled with a plastic shell and aluminum top plate for anti-collision driving. Since it’s equipped with a powerful brushed motor, you can effortlessly reach a high speed with ample power in all four wheels. It is reliable and efficient to use with waterproof ESC. Moreover, with a high-torque servo, you can smoothly navigate the car on harsh-conditioned roads. Also, with a radio system of 2.4 GHz, you can quickly and reliably maneuver along with multiple corners. To conclude, this is a nice drift car with well-handy functions.

Key Features:

  • Includes a battery and charger
  • Easy to operate
  • Equipped with a strong motor
  • It features waterproof electronics
  • Reliable and efficient to use
  • Smoothly navigate in harsh roads

10. Most Speedy: HSP 4wd RC Car

On Road Touring Drift Two Speed Nitro Power Vehicle

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  • Material: PP
  • High Speed: 65 km/hr.
  • Batteries Included: AA

With a highly responsive steering and strong motor power, you can practically race this RC car with your friends or kids. Its high-quality PVC materials and oversized wheels allow you to drive rapidly on, on-road and off-road conditions. This car offers excellent road performance and smoothly allows operations like drifts, flips, and turns. Also, the four durable wheels give this car support during unexpected dropping while racing. It is a robust car that features rear and front differentials, with good quality bevel gears and five screws that allow for easy maintenance. Moreover, this car is weather-resistant and waterproof, so that you can operate the vehicle in all seasons without any worries. Finally, it is a fantastic car with safety and quality features.

Key features:

  • High-powered motor
  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Allows for smooth operations
  • Has durable and rugged wheels
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof


Drifting is a driving force wherein the driver, whilst maintaining the control, intentionally oversteers with loss of traction around the corners. All these cars provide users with the thrill and fun of drifting and racing smoothly. These RC drift cars come equipped with multiple features that allow the vehicle to be operated even after dropping and collision on all rashly conditioned roads. Most of these cars are waterproof and weather-resistant for use in all seasons. Also, all these cars come with a high-capacity battery and high-powered motors.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

On What Type Of Surface Should I Drive My RC Drift Car?

For drifting purposes, an RC car should be driven on carpet or hard and concrete surfaces. These surfaces provide perfect control and stability while drifting your remote-controlled vehicles.

How Many Cars Can Be Used At The Same Time For Drifting?

The number that can be used is not limited. However, the maximum number will depend on the other radio systems and location. Also, it is possible to drive with 10 to 20 cars at the same time.

Is Rc Drift Cars More For Beginners Or Professionals?

There are different kinds of RC drift cars that are available in the market for hobby users, beginners, and professionals. These cars are also suitable for both kids and adults alike. They come with multiple functions for comfortable and optimal use by all.

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