Top 10 Best Magic Mouthwashes to Improve Your Oral Health in 2020

Mouth washing must be a part of your daily routine. With Mouth washing, we don’t mean the brushing. Brushing is all about cleaning the teeth. Here, with mouth washing, we mean the cleanliness of the whole mouth that will benefit your oral health significantly. Among unnumbered of benefits, the most vital ones are that a magic mouthwash kills germs, prevents gum diseases, avoids tooth decay, reduces denture sores, eliminates bad breath, and improves your overall mouth hygiene. So, if you haven’t made the mouth washing a part of your daily routine yet, make it today itself. To help you buy the right magic mouthwash, we have done complete research and brought together the top 10 best magic mouthwashes in 2020 for you.

Top Best 3 Magic Mouthwashes on Amazon

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Colgate Peroxyl Antiseptic Mouthwash and Mouth Sore Rinse, 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide, Mild Mint - 500mL, 16.9 fluid ounces
Mouth rinse cleanses and promotes healing of minor oral wounds; Helps promote healing of: oral sores, irritations, mouth burns
$11.99 −$3.01
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Oral-B Mouth Sore Mouthwash Special Care Oral Rinse, 16 fl oz
Oral-B special care rinse collection is crafted to meet your unique oral care needs; Cleanses oral wounds
$8.99 −$1.02
SaleOur Top Pick # 3

List of 10 Best Magic Mouthwashes for Oral Health in 2020

10- Dental Herb Company- Tooth & gum tonic

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Dental Herb Company Tooth & gum tonic is made for non-alcoholic people. It is completely alcohol-free and made with totally natural ingredients such as herbs and organic oils, which are known to reduce the orals germs. Given the fact, this magic mouthwash kills the mouth bacteria and lessens the gum inflammation. Moreover, it also gives you instant relief against the mouth irritation, dry mouth, denture sores, and gum bleeding. What to say more, this magic mouthwash can even repair the damaged tissues of your mouth. All thanks to its natural Gotu Kola and Echinacea herbs that are popular for their healing property. Most importantly, it helps you deal with the threatening disease gingivitis reducing its signs and symptoms.

Key features

  • Alcohol-free and gluten-free
  • Made with natural oils and herbs
  • Known for soothing and healing properties
  • Reduces the chances of gingivitis

9- Crest 3D white luxe multi-care mouthwash

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If you’re looking for a solution for your stained teeth, Crest 3D white luxe multi-care mouthwash is a good fit for you. It is designed with Whitelock technology, which doesn’t only help in cleaning the stains but also prevents future stains. This magic mouthwash boasts to offer you white teeth in just 2 days. So, what you’re waiting for? Get this amazing magic mouthwash and sparkle your pretty smile. Furthermore, its mint flavor eliminates the mouth odor and freshens up your breath. Thus, it helps you deal with the bad breath. Ideally, the magic mouthwash is meant for the people above 12 years. On top of all, it is budget-friendly. You can buy it in just a few bucks.

Key features

  • Cleans and prevents the stained teeth
  • Meant for the people 12 years
  • Mint-flavored
  • Removes bad breath

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8- Solimo antiseptic mouthwash

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Solimo antiseptic mouthwash is an all-in-one magic mouthwash that will help you with your overall mouth hygiene. From cavity to dry mouth, it will fight with a number of oral issues and provide you a clean mouth with fresh feelings. This magic mouthwash is filled with the flavor and aroma of mint. Given the fact, it provides you long-lasting freshness and reduces the chances of bad breath. Furthermore, it also combats effectively with dangerous diseases gingivitis and plaque. The best thing about this magic mouthwash is that it is alcohol-free and made of completely health-friendly ingredients such as menthol, methyl salicylate, thymol, and eucalyptol.

Key features

  • Mint flavor
  • Fights against gingivitis and plaque
  • Provides anti-cavity protection
  • Relief dry mouth

7- Tom’s of Maine wicked fresh mouthwash

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If you’re looking for a natural mouthwash with advanced functionality, Tom’s of Maine magic mouthwash is a good pick for you. Made of totally natural ingredients, it is free from artificial flavors and colors. The main ingredients of this magic mouthwash are virgin coconut oil and raw shea butter, which are not only natural sweetener but also have great healing properties. Another remarkable thing about this mouthwash is that you can also use it as toothpaste other than just a mouthwash. Adding more to that, the mouthwash has zinc, which ensures fresh breath reducing the bad odor-causing germs. In fact, it is clinically proven to offer the long-lasting freshness of up to 24 hours. Furthermore, it is also fluoride-free. Means, your little kids can use this mouthwash too without any worries.

Key features

  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Free from artificial flavors
  • Freshness up to 24 hours
  • Removes bad mouth odor

6- Therabreath fresh breath oral rinse

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Whether you’re looking for a solution to fight bad breath or gain a 24-hour long freshness, turn your gaze at Therabreath magic mouthwash, which is purposely designed to reduce the bad breath odor. Not only the bad breath, but it will also remove sour, bitter, and metallic taste from your mouth. Furthermore, it prevents cavity, gum diseases, and many other oral issues. Its mild mint flavor provides a long-lasting freshness as well as soothing coolness too. If you have gluten tolerance and you restrain yourself from that strictly, you’ll love this magic mouthwash as it is gluten-free and also contain no artificial flavors and colors. In fact, it is purposely made for vegans.

Key features

  • Mint flavor
  • Gluten-free
  • Ensures 24-hour freshness
  • Reduces bad breath

5- CloSYS ultra-sensitive mouthwash

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If you have a sensitive mouth, CloSYS ultra-sensitive mouthwash is made for you. Made of natural ingredients, it is alcohol-free, non-staining, and non-burning. Furthermore, it is also free from triclosan, which can cause damage to your immune system. Not only this, but it also doesn’t contain sulfate that may slow down the recovery of your gum and other mouth diseases. The awesome thing about this magic mouthwash is that it is pH balanced. Means, it ensures healthy gum minimizing the acid levels in your mouth. What to say more, it even removes almost all harmful bacteria from your mouth and helps you fight with bad breath, gum diseases, and plague. Unlike other magic mouthwashes, it is unflavored that actually makes it a super sensitive mouthwash.

Key features

  • Unflavored
  • Alcohol-free and non-burning
  • pH balanced
  • Prevents gum diseases

4- Listerine total care anti-cavity mouthwash

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Listerine total care anti-cavity mouthwash is a good pick for the people who are fighting with cavity because it is purposely made to prevent cavity and tooth decay. It deep-cleans the teeth and removes all germs from the mouth. Not only the teeth, but it also provides an all-through cleanup to gum, tongue, and every part of your mouth. Thus, it helps you deal with the bad breath to a great extent. Over all, Listerine anti-cavity mouthwash is a 6-in-1 formula that removes bad mouth odor, prevents cavity, cleans whole mouth, restores enamel, freshens up breath, and makes your teeth stronger. The great thing about this amazing mouthwash is that it provides instant results. Just within 60 seconds, it kills all oral bacteria and offers you completely cleaned and fresh mouth. Its mint flavor gives you further relaxing freshness and feelings.

Key features

  • Mint flavor
  • 6-in-1 mouth protection formula
  • Alcohol-free
  • Prevents cavity

3- SmartMouth Mouthwash

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SmartMouth mouthwash is truly a smart mouthwash that provides your mouth a deep cleanse. Though it can combat almost all oral issues, it is specifically made to remove the bad mouth odor. Unlike other magic mouthwashes, it doesn’t remove the bad breath just for a few hours. Instead, it demolishes the whole cause of bad breath that is sulfur gas and offers you long-lasting results. If you’re not convinced yet, let me tell you that it is also patented with zinc ion technology, which doesn’t only prevent the bad breath, but also removes it completely. Furthermore, its calming minty flavor soothes down your gentle skin of the mouth too. Moreover, it also eliminates harmful germs from the mouth and keeps it clean. All you need to rinse your mouth twice a day.

Key features

  • Mint flavor
  • Removes bad breath
  • Patented zinc ion technology
  • Fresh breath for 24 hours

2- Act Anticavity Fluoride mouthwash

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If you’re looking for a real solution to tooth decay and want to make your already weekend tooth stronger, hands down, Act Anticavity Fluoride mouthwash is the best fit for you. The mouthwash contains a large amount of fluoride, which strengthens the teeth and prevents tooth decay. Given the fact, it also prevents the cavity to a great degree. Other than cavity and tooth decay, it also eliminates bad breath. All thanks to its mint flavor that offers you refreshed and soothing feelings. Furthermore, it is alcohol-free and feels calming on the skin. The main ingredients of this mouthwash are sodium fluoride, water, sorbitol, menthol, and sorbate. On top of all, it is budget-friendly and offers impressive results.

Key features

  • Alcohol-free
  • Mint flavors
  • Budget-friendly
  • Strengthens teeth

1- Colgate optic white whitening mouthwash

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Are you not smiling widely just because you have stained teeth? Well, get this mind-blowing magic mouthwash that is purposely made to whiten the teeth. Unlike many other its competitors, it is made of with hydrogen peroxide, which completely removes the stained surface from your teeth and offer you shining whiteness. Furthermore, it is made with white seal technology that lessens the chances of future stains too. In addition to that, it also kills the bad breath removing the harmful germs from your mouth. After the cleansing, the mouthwash ensures soothing skin and fresh breath, as it has a mint flavor. Though it alcohol-free and contains completely health-friendly ingredients, it should be used by the people 12 years or older.

Key features

  • Alcohol-free
  • Mint-flavor
  • Patented with white seal technology
  • Removes bad breath and germs

Key factors to consider while buying a magic mouthwash

Just don’t pick any random magic mouthwash. You’ll be using your mouthwash on your mouth. Given the fact, you need to be very careful while buying a mouthwash. Here, we have listed down the significant factors that will help you find out a top-notch mouthwash. Make sure to consider these factors before making the purchase.


You’re buying magic mouthwash to deal with your oral issues and have a cleaned mouth. So, first of all, see the properties of it. With properties, we mean the overall functionality of that mouthwash liquid. Generally, the magic mouthwashes are meant to combat bad breath, dry mouth, gum diseases, mouth burning, tooth decay, cavity, and many other such oral problems. However, you can’t get all these properties in a single mouthwash. So, be wise with your purchase and buy a dedicated mouthwash that can fight well with your problem.


Another significant factor that you can’t afford to consider while buying your mouthwash. Yes, inquire into the flavor of your magic mouthwash. Though the flavor of mouthwash has nothing to do with its properties, it enhances the overall functionality of a mouthwash. In general, all mouthwashes have mint flavor, which provides you a soothing and comforting feeling after the cleanup and ensures lasting freshness. Nevertheless, some mouthwashes are unflavored and said to have more gentle effects on the mouth. The latter ones are the best fit for you have badly sensitive skin or you’re allergic to some particular flavors including mint.

Longevity of freshness

This is no brainer that you won’t use your mouthwash for more than two times in a day. Would you? Obviously, not. No? This is why your mouthwash must offer long-lasting freshness. It should lock the freshness for at least 12 hours. Some magic mouthwashes even offer the freshness for up to 24-hours. So, check the freshness longevity of your mouthwash and buy the one that suits best to your needs.

Other features

So far, you have checked almost all the vital features of your mouthwash. At last, inquire into some minor yet significant features. See consciously whether it is gluten-free, color-free, and alcohol-free or not. Considering these features is important especially for the people who have sensitive skin.


Don’t let your pretty smile fade away just because you have got bad breath or stained teeth. Get one of these magic mouthwashes and smile widely and sparkly. They will help you deal with almost all oral issues and let you clean your mouth deeply ensuring a fresher and healthier mouth.

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