Top 10 Best Electronic Mouse Traps in 2020

Mice can be big messes at homes. They are troublesome as they can create rotten smells and cut our pieces of furniture. It puts our homes into chaos that we should get rid of those mice. There are multiple ways to clear out those mice with some ways more effective than the others.

An electronic mouse trap is an effective way to trap and kill those mice. It can trap and kill those mice immediately without us needing to kill those animals. As far beneficial an electronic mouse trap can be, there are varied electronic mouse traps available in the market.

We are working our best to bring the best products. Without hesitations, here are the top ten best electronic mouse traps in 2020 with a product buying guide. Kindly follow features in the product buying guide to get the most optimal decision for your preferred electronic mouse traps.

List of the 10 Best Electronic Mouse Traps in 2020

Our Top Pick # 1
Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap - 1 Trap,Black
100 percent kill rate; Kills up to 100 mice per set of Fully charged batteries; Beveled columns Hold Mouse in place for no escapes
Our Top Pick # 2
Victor Chambers – 4 Pack M250S-RF4 Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap Disposable Refill Chambe, 4, Black
For use with the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap (sold separately); Includes 4 disposable refill chambers
Our Top Pick # 3
Victor M1-2P M1 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap-2 Pack,Black
Receive kill alerts on your mobile device: 100% kill rate; Monitor traps from anywhere via the user friendly app

10. Victor M1-2P M1 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap-2 Pack

victor multi kill electronic mouse trap

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Victor is a smart electronic house trap with a lot to offer. It functions by four packs of AA batteries. However, those batteries are not parts of the package. Furthermore, there is a safety switch. The switch is in fact designed to protect your pets and children from unnecessary dangers. As Victor can only be used indoors, it can trap and kill mice 100%. Additionally, you can see the process of the product’s via a mobile application that we can download. As a result, we can know and understand what’s going on with the electronic mouse trap in real time.

9. EBung Electric Mouse Trap and Rat, Rodent, Chipmunk Zapper That Work

homemade electric mouse trap

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EBung is a powerful electronic mouse trap. The product just kills those mice right with its electric shock for 7000 volts. The instant kill is right by ethics because it is immediate killing. There can’t be pains or any sorts of suffering for those mice. Additionally, it generates electric shock from four packs of batteries. No matter what, you need to consider a separate deal with batteries because they are not parts of the collection.

Moreover, there is no chemical or poison with it which can be harmful to pets and children. The traps are as a result not dangerous to any humans besides those mice. Lastly, it features the latest piece of tech that enables the electronic mouse trap to sense immediately that mice are getting inside the trap for the trap to become functional. As those mice are trapped and killed, all you need to do is lift the lid and empty the trap. This is simple and quick.

8. Victor M1 Smart-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

victor mouse trap

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Victor 2 is a great killing machine for mice. The electronic mouse trap runs by a 100% killing rate. In addition, we can get info about what’s going on right there with real-time apps on our smartphones. As you place Victor 2 anywhere, the app can send notifications for particular electronic traps that are catching mice. For the safety of your pets and children, there is a safety switch that is built within the machine. It is powered by four different packs of AA batteries. Regardless, those packs of batteries don’t come along the package at all. As a result, we need to consider it for another separate deal for those pieces of batteries.

7. Victor M241 No Touch, No See Upgraded Indoor Electronic Rat Trap

best mouse traps on amazon

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When Victor 3 demands charging, the killing rate is high. It can kill those 50 mice per full single charge of the batteries placed to power the machine. Furthermore, you don’t need to touch or see anything at all. There is a chamber that you can remove and clean those killed rats with ease. For the killing process, it relies on high voltage from those packs of batteries. Lastly, Victor 3 is an outstanding electronic mouse trap we can go for because the company has much experience with the field for many years.

6. Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

victor multi kill electronic mouse trap

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It is very special with Victor 4 as this electronic mouse trap package comes in three pieces of traps. That enables more catches with the machine. Furthermore, it relies on smart circuit tech so as to sense whether a rodent is running into the trap. Additionally, it relies on high voltage electric shock so as to kill those mice within only five seconds. As a result, the period of their pains and sufferings are reduced to the very minimum. Moreover, the killing rate is 100% without any mice a chance to escape from the electronic mouse trap.

Besides, we can conveniently empty the trap and remove those rodents. As the product relies on four different packs of AA batteries, those batteries are not included at all in the collection. As a result, you need to buy 12 packs of AA batteries for another deal to support the three electronic mouse traps that come together as a collection.

5. P Purneat Electric Rat Trap and Mouse Trap

electric mouse trap with battery 12v

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There shouldn’t be a fuss to operate P Purneat. All you need to do is hang those baits at the trap’s bottom. As you either charge the device at the same time or place the fully charged batteries into the machine, the electronic mouse trap can function itself automatically. No matter what, you should place the trap at where there are often rodents and mice. Moreover, it features a light indicator as to show there are killed mice inside those electronic mouse traps so that you can clear and put them into use again.

As it requires no chemical or toxic substances to kill those mice, there is nothing harmful to your health. What’s more, we don’t need to even touch those dead mice as we all just need to slide those dead rodents into some trash bins right there. In fact, the machine is very powerful. The shock can kill those mice within seconds. That is with little pains for those animals that we can get pitiful for but need to remove as they are destroying our homes. The electric shock is very low, so it won’t be harmful to humans. Lastly, there is a protective switch too.

4. Pestrax Electronic Rodent Zapper

d-con no view no touch mouse trap

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The electronic mouse trap includes the collection lifetime warranties from the company. As a result, we shouldn’t have any hassles over the product’s quality as it is assured by those warranties. They feature uncompromised customer support for us to contact for further info and support also. Additionally, the product design is safe with disposal as we don’t need to touch those dead mice. We can just discard the dead bodies into trash bins. Moreover, it is very safe for humans as Pestrax doesn’t contain any chemicals which can be hazardous to our health and well-being.

For functioning the mouse killing machine, the only thing we are required to do is placing the baits at their right place when the electronic mouse trap can function itself automatically. The baits which you place can be such as pet food, nuts and peanut butter into the trap. For your safety, there is a power switch when the electric shock is very low. The product features with advanced tech that can sense those rodents very instantly. It does apply 7000 volts of energy so as to shock those animals into their ends.

3. Linseeda Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 6 Packs

hoont robust electronic rodent trap

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Linseeda is a very safe electronic mouse trap for humans and pets. There is a guarantee of 100% safety to humans and pets. Additionally, the mouse trap in fact isn’t a trap but a repel machine with its sound to repel those animals away from our home. As a result, you don’t need to kill those mice with Linseeda. Moreover, all required to do is charging it at night time as the product design is to repel both crawling and flying pests which are bad for our home environments.

Linseeda covers an area of 1600 square feet which is an acceptable coverage area for medium-sized homes. Additionally, the repellant wave is very low frequency that is not hazardous to humans and pets at all. Besides, it can’t bother your sleep at night time. We all get full-satisfaction warranties from the company. If we don’t see the effectiveness of it within four weeks, there are promises of money returned, lastly.

2. AbcoSport Electronic Rodent Zapper – Effective

victor electronic rat trap

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Once those rodents and mice enter the trap, there isn’t even a chance of escaping. Furthermore, it features 7000 volts which can shock those mice to their ends. Furthermore, the machine can alert you with a beeping sound whenever the rodents are dead inside the trap. Additionally, it stops functioning automatically. It is thus designed for your safety as we need to re-set up manually.

The product is safe with children because of low voltage. What’s more, the product runs on four packs of alkaline batteries. Besides, per full single charge, it can trap and kill up to 30 mice. The product is convenient and simple to remove those dead bodies as all requires is your lid lifting.

1. victor electronic mouse trap model m250s

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There is no hesitation that Victor 5 is a strong electronic mouse trap. The killing rate for the machine is 100%. Furthermore, for full charge of the batteries, the product can kill around 100 mice. That is a huge number of homeowners. Moreover, there is no chance that those rodents can escape from the set trap at all. The chance is zero.

We don’t need to touch the machine so as to kill those mice immediately. The machine will work its ways out. All we need to do is place baits, so the electronic mouse trap can function. After all, we still need to clean and clear those dead bodies from the trap for later uses.

Buying Guide

Pain Free: The electronic mouse trap should kill those mice instantly so as to eliminate their pains and suffering. Although, some products cannot kill within a matter of one second or two, we encourage you to consider around five to ten seconds. As a result, those mice can be dead with little suffering.

Safety Protection: The voltage for electric shock and charge of those rodents should be low as well. The point of low electric shock is for safety of humans’ and pets’. We shouldn’t get those electronic mouse traps which have high voltages. It can be very dangerous to humans.

Easy Operation: Some products have complex settings. Regardless, all the products we mention have a simple and convenient setting up procedure. All we are required to do is placing baits at the right places so that those electronic mouse traps can do their jobs properly and automatically.

Easy Clearing: The products should come with easy removal of dead rodent bodies. We don’t want to touch those mice as they can be dangerous with diseases and illnesses. Consequently, the procedure to remove those dead bodies should be simple and at ease.

Warranties: We just don’t know how reliable each electronic mouse trap is until we set it into operations. Thus, we need some sorts of warranties to save us from wrong buying. Although, the review is offering the most reliable answer to our doubts; there can be production defects from the factories too.


Mice and rodents can be messy and bad animals to our homes as they bring diseases and create messes here and there. Therefore, we need to invent ways to kill those mice. When you can have cats to catch those mice, having just cats isn’t yet enough. Meanwhile, some of us don’t want to raise pets because it is yet another responsibility.

Therefore, having a smart electronic mouse trap is a good and inventive way to catch and kill those useless animals. Although, they are messy and useless; we should be picky by choosing only the electronic mouse traps that can kill those mice instantly so as to reduce their pains and suffering. Moreover, there is a point to consider mainly our safety because some products can have high voltages which generate high electric shocks for humans. When the operation and setting up are convenient, you should remove those dead bodies without a fuss. Lastly, having an electronic mouse trap with warranties saves you a lot.

All in all, a high-standard electronic mouse trap should come with qualities as mentioned in the product buying guide. You can have other features for personal considerations, but the mentioned features are the rules of a thumb.

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