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I don’t think there would be anyone who’ll say no to smoked food ever. Smoked and grilled foods are just scrumptious. Maybe this is why preparing them takes lots of time. Today, there are many appliances in the market that boast to simplify this cooking technique. Among all, electric smokers are the best and most effective. They do their job perfectly and offer you incredibly delicious and smoky food in minutes. If you’re also in a hunt of an electric smoking tool, you have landed in the right place. Our well-researched list of the 10 best electric smokers will surely help you to find the best one for you.

List of the 10 Best Electric Smokers in 2020

SaleOur Top Pick # 1
Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30 inch, Black
Digital panel controls on/off, cooking temperature and time; Four chrome-coated smoking racks
$199.00 −$46.37
SaleOur Top Pick # 2
Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker with Broiler, 30 inch, Black
Four chrome-coated smoking racks; Built-in meat probe thermometer for perfect results every time
$329.99 −$47.67
Our Top Pick # 3
Char-Broil 19202101 Deluxe Black Digital Electric Smoker, Large, 725 Square Inch
Insulated, double-wall construction; Advanced control panel with easy-read, blue LED display

10- Masterbuilt MB20071117 digital electric smoker

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Let’s start the list with Masterbuilt MB20071117 digital smoker that has already impressed multitudes of people out there. This electric digital smoker is designed with a control panel that allows you easy accessibility. You can turn on/off the machine and set the timer & temperature range from here. The smoker also features 4 chrome-coated racks where you have to put the food for smoking. Furthermore, the smoker has an insulated body, which retains the heat and keeps the machine hot for long hours. Using this digital smoker is also extremely easy. Just put food inside the smoker, turn it on, and set the ideal temperature. That’s it. You’re done. Now, wait for a couple to minutes to get your food smoked.

Key features

  • Control panel
  • 4 chrome-coated racks
  • Fully-insulated body
  • Timer and temperature function

9- Masterbuilt 20070411 30-inch electric smoker

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If you’re throwing a party anytime soon and planning to serve self-smoked foods, hands down, Masterbuilt 20070411 30-inch electric smoker is the best fit for you. It has a large cooking space of 730sq inches and can hold up 100 lbs of food efficiently. To keep the smoker balanced after placing this much weight, make sure to keep the food properly in its 4 chrome-coated racks. Speaking of its features, the smoker is equipped with an RF remote control that will allow you easy and hassle-free monitoring of time, temperature, and other functions. The temperature can be adjusted between 100-275ºF according to your needs. To ensure easy operation, it also features a removable drip pan, top air damper, and an internal light. Furthermore, this portable smoker is designed with a viewing window that is meant to keep eyes on the internal operation.

Key features

  • 100 lbs food holding capacity
  • RF remote controls
  • 4 chrome-coated racks
  • Temperature range of 100-275ºF

8- Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D charcoal offset smoker

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Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D smoker is a sturdy, stylish, and advanced-featured electric smoker. Unlike many other peers, it is inbuilt with a heavy-duty cast iron burner of 15,000 BTU. Adding more to that, it is also equipped with an electronic pulse ignition system, which provides quick and constant ignition. If you’re concerned about its holding capacity, worry not. It is designed with a large smoking area of 784 sq inches and can withstand 100 lbs of food at a single operation. You just need to put the food evenly in its 6 height-adjustable racks. Furthermore, the smoker has a dual-door design that is meant to minimize heat loss and enhance smoking functionality. On top of all, this amazing electric smoker is incredibly durable, as it has a steel construction with a powder-coated finish.

Key features

  • Dual-door design
  • 100 lbs food holding capacity
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 784 sq inches smoking area

7- Smoke Hollow 26142E 26-inch electric smoker

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If you’re looking for a small-sized and portable electric smoker, turn your gaze to Smoke Hollow 26142E. Being 26-inch in size, it is not as big as other smokers. Speaking of its features, it is inbuilt with a powerful heating element of 1500 watt and a cooking capacity of 1.3cu.ft. In addition to that, the smoker features 2 chrome-coated racks that can be adjusted to your desired height. Furthermore, you can set the temperature between 175-325ºF to achieve the best results. To provide you a hassle-free smoking experience, it is equipped with a heat indicator, a wood chip, and a water pan. Not only this, but it also features side handles and cool-touch spring wire handles that allow you easy accessibility.

Key features

  • Adjustable temperature between 175-325ºF
  • 1.3 cu.ft. cooking capacity
  • 2 chrome-coated racks
  • 1500-watt heating power

6- Smokehouse products little chief front load smoker

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If you’re looking to buy an electric smoker without breaking the bank, Smokehouse little chief smoker deserves your attention. It is budget-friendly and offers you an easy smoking operation too. The smoker features 4 chrome-coated grills, where you can keep the food up to 25 lbs. Just make sure to distribute the weight equally. The grills can be slid out for easy accessibility. Made of premium aluminum, it is incredibly robust and durable too. The remarkable thing about this smoking cooker is that it allows you the flexibility to smoke your food at a low temperature of 165ºF and get the crunchy texture and flavor. On top of all, it offers you a long warranty of 2 years. Plus, it is budget-friendly too.

Key features

  • Can smoke at the low temperature of 165ºF
  • 4 chrome-coated grills
  • 25 lbs food holding capacity
  • Aluminum construction

5- Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D 30 inches digital electric smoker

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If you need an advanced and innovative digital electric smoker, clap your eyes on Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D 30-inches digital smoker. Be it its construction materials or the features, it is one step ahead than its competitors. Unlike other smoker stove, it features an insulated double wall that retains the heat and ensures a smooth smoking experience. Speaking of its features, it is equipped with 4 chrome-plated steel grills and a powerful burner of 800 watt that provides faster smoking. Adding more to that, it is integrated with a meat thermometer, which will help you keep a watch on the internal temperature even without opening the door. Moreover, it features a side-access wood chip loader that simplifies the process of adding wood chips and minimizes heat loss. Furthermore, it also features several push buttons that help you monitor the temperature and time settings according to your needs.

Key features

  • Powerful burner of 800 watt
  • Digital thermostat
  • 732 sq inches of smoking space
  • Integrated meat thermometer

4- Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 990216 Bradley digital smoker

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If you can invest in a pricey digital electric smoker, Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 990216 will blow your mind with its unmatched features. Made of sturdy steel, it is incredibly durable and has a sleek interior, which ensures easy cleanup. In addition to that, it features 4 smoking racks, where you can keep all types of food such as pork, fish, and chicken and smoke in minutes. Just set the temperature and time and get ready to relish freshly smoked delicious food. For faster smoking, the temperature can be set as high as 320ºF. Furthermore, the digital smoking stove features a control panel that can help you customize the setting at your fingertips.

Key features

  • Steel construction
  • 320ºF highest temperature
  • 4 grills
  • Easy assembly

3- Camp Chef smoke vault 18”

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Camp Chef electric smoker is made to double up your camping experience. Given the fact, it is extremely small in size. To say it exactly, it is 18 inches large and features 2 adjustable racks. Yes, you can adjust the racks according to your needs. Furthermore, it is equipped with three adjustable damper valves, a water pan, wood chip tray, and a snap-ignition. Adding more to that, it features a thermostat on the door that lets you customize the temperature between 50-500ºF. To ensure maximum heat control, it is inbuilt with a protected burner drum. Just in case, you find yourself stuck somewhere during the smoking, you can take the help from its tips & recipes manual that comes with the smoker.

Key features

  • 2 adjustable racks
  • 50-500ºF temperature range
  • 3 adjustable damper valves
  • Easy-to-read temperature dialer

2- Char-Broil analog electric smoker

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Char-Broil analog electric smoker is a matchless blend of ergonomic design, robust construction, and advanced features. Unlike many other vertical smoking cookers, it has double-wall insulated construction that ensures long durability as well as smooth smoking experience. Moving on to its features, it is designed with a large smoking area of 544 sq inches and features 3 chrome-plated grills. For easy accessibility, you can slide out the grills, put the food on them conveniently, and then slide them back to their place. Furthermore, it also features a double-mounted temperature dialer, which allows you to monitor the internal temperature. Adding more to that, the smoker also features a water pan and a drip tray that make sure to retain the juiciness of the food.

Key features

  • 1200-watt heating element
  • Large wooden chip box
  • 3 chrome-coated racks
  • Door-mounted temperature dialer

1- LANDMANN MCO 32954 electric smoker

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Whether you’re trying your hands in food smoking for the first time or have been doing it for years, LANDMANN MCO electric smoker will sweep you off your feet with its remarkable user-friendliness. Inbuilt with 3 chrome-coated steel racks, it offers you ample space to smoke a large amount of food at a single go. Being 26 inches in size, it is also compact and can be stored even in low-space areas. To allow you full flexibility with the temperature, it features a door-mounted temperature gauge. Furthermore, the door is designed with a viewing window, which will let you keep a watch on the internal smoking process. Adding more to that, it also features a 3-in-1 combination tray that can act as a wood chip box, water pan, and grease pan.

Key features

  • 3 chrome-coated steel racks
  • 3-in-1 combination tray
  • Adjustable feet
  • Door-mounted temperature gauge

Key Factors to Consider before Buying an Electric Smoker

Wait, before heading on, let us tell you the significant factors that are helpful in buying a good smoker. These factors will help you determine the overall quality and functionality of that electric smoking device for your purchase.

Size of the smoker

Start your consideration with the size of the electric maker. In the market, you’ll get different sizes of electric smoking cooking tool. The general size ranges between 18-30 inches. Nevertheless, you can get smaller or larger than that if you want. It’s completely up to your needs. Just make sure your electric smoker isn’t so big that it can’t be moved around. Ideally, your smoker should be portable if you need to move it around often.

Cooking area

Once you have determined the size of your electric smoker accessories, check its cooking plates/trays. The smoking or cooking area is the place that is meant to keep the food during smoking process. The size of the cooking tray is correlated to the overall size of that electric smoker. Given the fact, be wise while choosing your smoker. If you need to cook a large amount of food at every single operation, go for the large electric makers that have at least 700-800 square inches cooking area.

Temperature range

Next, investigate the temperature of your smoker. It is something that will determine the overall functionality of your smoking process. The higher temperature range is, the better it is considered. Generally, all smokers are adjustable with their temperature range. The general range of temperature of an electric smoker is 100-300ºF. If you’re buying a large-capacity smoker, make sure its temperature range is high too.

Number of racks

At last, check out the total number of racks that your electric smoker features. You’ll be keeping the food for smoking in these racks. Given the fact, you need to pay close attention to this factor. In general, the top-quality smokers are inbuilt with 3-4 chrome-coated racks. Some of the smokers are even adjustable with the height of their racks.


Preparing smoked food has never been so easy. Thanks to the feature-packed electric smokers that have made it as easy as it sounds. So, get one of these digital smokers and take your food smoking experience to a whole new level. They will produce delicious smoked meals for you in just no time.

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