Top 10 Best EDC Knives or EveryDay Carry Knives in 2020

EDC knife has becomes a popular tool for people to carry along everyday. In the old day, EDC knife or EveryDay Carry knife is known as a defensive weapon in case if any danger. However, this knife does not just serve that purpose anymore. It has been used to perform daily tasks such as opening a package, cutting through an envelop, cutting off string and other chores. It is easy and convenient to place in your pocket on the go. If you are fascinated with a great design and durable of this kind of EDC knives, let us introduce you to the top 10 best EDC knives that all have a smooth opening and closing and non-slip grip. These excellent knives are safe and comfortable in the hand when holding without making the knife heavy and have an extreme gripping capability.

List of the Best EveryDay Carry Knife or EDC Knife 2020

Our Top Pick # 1
Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with 3.1in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for...
SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
SaleOur Top Pick # 2
CRKT CEO EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Low Profile Gentleman's Knife, Everyday Carry, Satin Blade, IKBS Ball Bearing Pivot,...
Low Profile: Slim clip fits comfortably in pocket-; Fast Opening: Thumbstud with IKBS ball bearing pivot deploys the blade fast
$54.99 −$16.89
Our Top Pick # 3


10. Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker Folding EDC Knife

best edc knife 2020

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This high performance EDC knife is made in the USA. This foldable knife offers flexibility in cutting when you push or pull the strokes. The shape of this knife has a fierce design that can provide a dependability for users. This knife’s aesthetic is also very attractive because of its DLC coating that makes it shine like a diamond. The overall length of this knife is 7.9 inches with a blade length of 3.4 inches. It weighs about 3.9 oz only. It is very convenient to use and is very sharp and powerful to cut through any tough or fibrous materials since it has a razor sharpness and great corrosion resistance.

However, this knife is very safe to use because it has a hand blade deployment that enables a smooth and secure handle. To ensure a secure grip and stability in all conditions, its handle designs with a trac-tec insert. You will be very satisfied with the quality of this durable and reliable knife. With this knife, it is always ideal for any situation such as hunting, camping, daily chores, or even in an emergency need.

Key Features

  • Carefully craft with a high-quality material (stain resistant)
  • Ideal for multitasking
  • High capacity in cutting through tough materials
  • Ability to provide extra hardness and very easy to operate
  • Low friction coefficient

9. Best EDC Knife Under $50: Columbia River EDC Folding Pocket Knife

EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Special Forces Everyday Carry, Black Serrated Edge Blade, Tanto, Frame Lock, Dual Hilt, Stainless Steel Handle, Reversible Pocket Clip

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This unique folding pocket knife has triple point serrations and design in a noble aspect. This knife brand is very famous for its toughness and high quality. But we can assure you that this is the best EDC knife under $50 which you can find on the market. It is very affordable and would be perfect for your everyday use. On the handle, this knife integrated with 4 holes for its iconic look. Not only that it focuses on the designs, but it also focuses on the safety of users. This knife is 100% safe for your fingers as there are pin sets, but works perfectly as your blade guard.

The blade is capable of folding itself closed. Moreover, there is also a razor edge at the end of the blade. This knife’s handle also coated in a classic black oxide and corrosion resistant. In addition, this folding knife features a convenient blade deployment. Thus, it will be very comfortable and sturdy in your hand that guarantees no risks of any accidental use.

Key Features

  • Folding knife with frame lock
  • Stainless steel knife
  • Able to cut through any tough battles
  • Limited lifetime warranty

8. Stainless Steel Blade EveryDay Carry Knife

EDC Point Pocket Folding Nitro-V Stainless Steel Blade knife

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The material of stainless steel blade is a premium Nitro-V. As a result, this EDC knife is very tough and has a great corrosion resistance, added durability when cutting. This pocket knife has a length of 7.65 inches. This blade is very thick 0.125 inches. With this length, the knife is big and strong enough to tackle or cut through any difficult tasks, however, when folded, this knife is small enough to not cause any inconvenience in your pocket. To unfold this knife, you can just simply press the dual thumb studs.

This knife has a sharp edge, thus providing an efficient cut even if it has to perform on an extreme hardness duty. In addition, the handle of this knife is also very secure, suitable for both righties and lefties. With this new version knife, the liners and clip have improved, making this knife more powerful in strength.

Key Features

  • Removable tip-up clip
  • Smooth G-10 handle
  • Better wear resistance compared with other knife

7. CRKT Avant-Tac EDC Folding Pocket Knife | Everyday Carry Folder with Liner Lock

Sheepsfoot Blade EDC knife with Satin Finish, Flipper or Thumb Hole Opening, Deep Carry Pocket Clip

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This foldable pocket knife can flip open and close very quickly. This brand is very creative and thoughtful in crafting a safe and durable pocket knife to assist users in their multi-function usage. The handle provides an excellent grip that can conveniently assist you in cutting through any toughness. It is also very easy to carry around. With a thought of a safety guaranteed for users, this knife is crafted with an extra solid layer and has a liner lock. The handle is anti-slippery, so you do not have to worry when performing during a wet or muddy situation.

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This pocket knife also deploys a ball bearing pivot system. This knife has a blade length of 3.63 inches and its thickness is 0.14 inches. The total length when unfolding, this knife is 8.44 length and weighs around 5.9 oz. The razor of this knife is very sharp, so it will perform a perfect duty.

Key Features

  • Extremely sharp and well-made knife from a stainless steel material
  • Design with a thumb hole for a quick open and close
  • Smooth and fast blade
  • Lifetime warranty

6. Best EDC Knife under $100: Compact EDC Folding Pocket Knife

best budget edc knife for everyday use

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This EDC folding pocket knife is very easy to carry around for your everyday use. It is the best budge EDD knife that can meet all your sword expectations in assisting to get your jobs done. The length of this blade is 2.86 inches. The thickness is 0.13 inches and when you unfold this knife, the total length of this knife is 4.17 inches. In addition, the blade has a strong reinforced tip. This knife is very lightweight because it weighs only 3.4 oz, very convenient for you to put in your pocket.

A great thing about this knife is that it is undetectable, so it won’t appear that you are keeping a knife in your pocket. For a secure lock, this knife is designed with a button lock. In addition, to provide users with a secure grip, this knife is crafted with a glass reinforced fiber and deep grooves. The knife is coated with stonewash and deployed with a flipper, thus, the blade provides a smooth and fast opening.

Key Features

  • Deep carry pocket
  • Button lock with brilliant contour for a whole knife
  • Come with a clip for a deep carry pocket

5. Best EDC Knife under $100: Camping & Everyday Carry EDC Folding Knife

best high end edc knife

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This is a very great and high performance stainless steel knife under $100. It is a premium quality knife with a very affordable price. The length of this blade is 3.75 inches with a thickness of 0.118 inches and a handle of 4.75 inches. This knife weighs 6 oz, very lightweight. The blade of this knife is razor sharp and cryogenically treated. This knife is also carefully coated with a wear resistance that can reduce the chance of edge chipping or fracturing when using.

In addition, it also decreases the possibility of scratching or peeling. You can easily unfold this knife with just one hand whether you are righties and lefties. Since this knife is coated with a black Titanium Nitride, it will not cause any reflection. This sharp knife is very popular in military use as well as other outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, or other emergency use.

Key Features

  • Tight grip in any situation
  • Movable pocket clip
  • Liner lock and lanyard hole
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

4. JohnnyJamie Brand Spadger Folding Knife Pocket

Folding Knife Pocket Damascus Steel Blade with Wood Handle Small EDC Knifes

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This is a great everyday carry folding knife pocket. This little knife has an excellent quality and durability without costing the price higher. It weighs 2.68 ounces and has been recognized as a super strong knife construction. The blade uses VG10 Damascus Steel 100%, making it incredibly sharp. The handle uses a good wood material and it is stainless steel. As a result, the handle provides a comfortable grip as well as a high friction. Another great thing about this knife is that even if it is lightweight (only 2.68 oz), it is still very tough and super sharp.

Since this knife is in a small size, you can easily carry it around in your pocket. It is also very flexible, thus, you can easily fold and unfold this knife with just one hand. We can assure you that this knife is very safe and easy to use. You will be very pleased with this quality knife.

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless steel and Damascus steel
  • Secure liner lock
  • Great for multi-purpose usage
  • Fast flipping action

3. SOG Folding Pocket Knife

Aegis One Hand Open Knife, EDC Tactical Knife, Hunting Knife

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We would highly recommend this SOG knife for you because this knife has tested in an exact field whether you will be using it to hunt, camp, or rescue. This well-made knife is the most affordable knife compared to other good quality knives. This stainless steel knife has a sharp blade with a length of 3.5 inches. It weighs 3.1 ounces and has a very steady grip that is made of a glass-reinforced nylon for its handle.

This pocket knife has improved its quality according to the user’s recommendation, thus, it has strong and durable piecing cuts now. To avoid any accident when putting this knife in the pocket, it is designed with a secure piston lock, so the blade will be folded safely. This knife will last for years even if it is used on a tough mission daily.

Key Features

  • Nearly indestructible
  • Piston lock that allows a quick opening and closing
  • Great and very flexible for an emergency use
  • Coated with hardcased black tini that reduces a chance of scratch or peel

2. SOG EDC Pocket Knife – Twitch II Folding Knife

Twitch II Folding Knife, Gentlemans Knife with Clip for Everyday Carry with Assisted Opening Flip Knife Tech

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With this knife, you will always have a great companion to assist you when needed. This knife has a great balance and durability especially the strength and precision compared with other knives. In addition, it is very convenient for your everyday carry around since it is very lightweight, which weighs 4.2 ounces. The blade is 2.65 inches and both suitable for tactical and utility works. It is also suited for outdoor activities or survival hacks like hiking, camping, fishing, and many more.

Another huge plus about this knife is that it has a lockback mechanism, so it will stay open once unfold. You will be very impressive with this knife’s responsive action. To ensure a great quality, it is coated with hardcased Titanium Nitrade. Thus, it is very durable and outstanding.

Key Features

  • Scratch and peel resistant
  • Secure open and close
  • Excellent retention and hardness
  • Long lasting quality

1. Serrated Blade Folding Pocket Knife

High Performance Stainless Steel edc knife

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Not only that this serrated pocket knife has a great design, but it is an excellent knife because of its sharpness and reliability. It is useful in almost any situation, and can be opened quickly and smoothly with just one hand. In addition, this knife is super light, thin, and extremely sharp. The material of the blade is stainless steel with a length of 3.1 inches. You do not have to worry about sharpening the blade daily to restore its sharpness. You can even use this knife to cut through a hard object like glass or thick ropes. To be more specific, it weighs 3.7 ounces.

This knife is coated with titanium that has an anti-corrosion ability. We can guarantee that this knife won’t get chipped or cracked easily. In short, this knife would become one of your most favorite defensive blades.

Key Features

  • No complaints about rust
  • Nice hand feel when gripping
  • Secure grip that won’t slip from your hand
  • Appropriate for both left and right handed customers

Buying Guides

Secure Lockup Button: We would recommend you to find the knife that has an excellent lockup, to avoid any accident when putting in your pocket.

Sturdy handle: You will never know when the knife will be needed. For instance, when needing to use in an emergency situation, but the handle will become slippery due to the weather, then the knife in overall will be a disappointment.

Coated quality: Check how careful the knife is coated. With a good coated quality, it can ensure that the knife will not be chipped, scratch, peel, or fracture easily even if you regularly use it intensively.

Suitable for both lefties and righties: Sometimes you may want to try something different, but if the knife is only crafted for a lefty or righty, your challenge will become impossible.


We hope this article would be able to help you to decide what brand of EDC knife that would go well with your existing collection. We can guarantee you that you will be satisfied with this purchase because all of these knives are very eye catching in design and made from a premium hardened steel. With these knives, you will have no struggles in cutting through any tough object.

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