Top 10 Best Digital Bathroom Scales in 2020

When tracking fitness goals, a good digital bathroom scale cannot be missed. Yet, if you are scouring the Internet for some of the best picks, you must be aware that some models and brands are more reliable than the other. They may offer better readings or allow you to view more data more than just your weight.

To gain more insights into what the most desirable options are, have a look at our list below. In it, you will get to explore the top 10 best digital bathroom scales and what they are special for.

Top 3 Best Selling Digital Bathroom Scales on Amazon

Our Top Pick # 1
Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale, Bathroom Scale with Large Backlit Display, Step-On Technology, Ultra Slim Design
Minimalism: The digital scale easy to storage, Morden and stylish design makes you happy.; Warm Note: For best accuracy, please place the bathroom scale on a hard and flat surface.

List of the 10 Most Accurate Bathroom Scales in 2020

10. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale With Step-On Technology

This Etekcity scale comes with a sensor, so the result given is very accurate. More than carrying great quality, the technology it uses is very modern too. You can check the status of the scale on the LCD display. It allows you to see the battery, calibration and more.

The tempered glass of this digital bathroom scale will ensure the dependable sturdiness Please be informed it operates on AAA batteries. The maximum weight that it can support is 400 lbs.

400 Lb Body Tape Measure Digital Scale | most accurate bathroom scale

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9. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale | Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom

The next digital bathroom scale that you should take a look at is this top-rated RENPHO smart weigh scale. First of all, it is the BMI scale that allows you to measure the weight and fat well. With the smart application of it, it can analyze and will you the accurate result. If you have this product, we guarantee that you can receive up to 12 data about your body. Simply connect it with the App in your phone, and you will get to see all important data about your body.

For your information, the maximum weight that this product can hold is as high as 180 kg. The operation process is very simple, you can use 3 AAA batteries to get it started.

Wireless Weight Scale and Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs

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8. BalanceFrom Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology and Backlight Display – 400 Pounds

Here, we would like to recommend to you another great product which is this BalanceFrom bathroom scale. As the name has suggested, this one is known for the accuracy of it. For the convenience of the user, there is no On/Off switch on this scale. You can simply step on it and it will display your weight right away. The screen of this device is the LCD display with the blue lit back. You can enjoy using it with peace in mind as the total weight that it can hold is up to 400 pounds.

Please note that the measurement units of it are pound, kilogram, and stone. Plus, it can also save the battery by turning off automatically too. Don’t worry, each purchase is backed by a 2-year warranty.

best bathroom scale consumer reports image

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7. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Body Tape Measure

If you need to get a digital bathroom scale to use in your house, we highly recommend the product from Etekcity. With the high maximum weight of 400 pounds, you can enjoy using it without any concern. More than this, it is also well built in with sensors. This way the result given is guaranteed to be very reliable. It is indeed the right item to get if you need to keep track on your weight daily.

In terms of the quality, we guarantee that there is nothing to worry about as it is constructed from tempered glass. Don’t wait anymore, it is the right time to get such a nice product for yourself.

Not an analog bathroom scale but digital

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6. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Round Corner Design

Many customers really enjoy the great quality of this digital scale product since it is built to last. This bathroom scale can automatically turn On and Off. The material used for constructing this product is as great, which is durable tempered glass. This way the sturdiness of this scale is guaranteed. If you need to check the weight, you can simply look at the LCD display of it.

The size of the display is 3.2 inches. The result given by this scale is within 0.2 lbs. If you have this product, you will receive comfort and convenience from only one product. Lastly, it is good to know that the unit uses 3 AAA batteries. Anyway, you can not only use this digital scale for bathroom, but also in kitchen and your gym room as well.

Large Blue LCD Backlight Display & High Precision Measurements bathroom scale, 400 Pounds

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5. Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale | Bathroom Scale with Large Backlit Display

This letsfit digital bathroom scale allows you to know if you gain or lose weight easily. The accuracy of this scale is ensured as well. It uses high-quality tempered glass that has a thickness of up to 6mm. As a result, it will never break.

Such a nice and attractive product deserves a spot in your house as it will keep your body in check all the time. This one is perfect for using on a flat surface and in any bathroom. Please be noted that it can weigh up to 400 lbs.

Step-On Technology Digital Bathroom Scale | High Precision Measurements scale of 400 Pounds & 180kg Max

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4. Body Fat Scale & Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom BMI Weight Scale

The next good buy is no other than Body Fat Scale from Bveiugn brand. This product is smartly designed to have great design and features. It can weigh and analyze the fat in your body in a fast and accurate way. More than this, you can even check the body water, skeletal muscle, bone mass and more too. Therefore, this product is indeed what you need for keeping your health in check.

With the modern technology that it adopts, you can download its App into your phone with ease, too. What makes this product better than others is the memory capacity of it. Surprisingly, it can store recorded information up to 24 users.

Body Composition Analyzer and Health Monitor with Tempered Glass Platform | Large Digital Backlit LCD Scale with Smartphone App

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3. REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale with Free iOS & Android App

We have spotted another product worth-buying, and it is this REDOVER body fat scale. This smart product is designed to have up to 13 health measurements. Unlike other products that can tell only your weight, this product can even keep the track on your whole body too. In fact, you will also get to know about the Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone mass, Protein, Metabolic Age and many other essential information.

There is an App you can download and share your health information among your friends and family members easily. Don’t wait anymore, you can simply step on it to activate it. The measurement range is from 0.4 to 400 lbs. The good news is, you will also get a 5 years warranty when you make a purchase.

Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale, Body Composition Analyzer for Body Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR and More, 400lb (Black)

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2. Digital Body Weight Scale – 4 High Precision Sensors Body Weight Scale with Step-On

If you are looking for the best product to use, consider this smart body weight scale from LIFEHOOD. The material used for constructing this product is durable tempered glass; therefore, the quality of it is guaranteed to be the great one. The measurement range of it is from 11 to 400 lbs. More than this, this product also adopts the latest technology. Hence, the weight will be shown on the display when you are stepping on it.

You don’t even need to turn in ON and OFF as well, since it will automatically do that. The weight that this product holds is as high as 400 lbs. It is the time to get this product and enjoy keeping the accurate track of your weight.

Auto-Calibrated & Auto ON/Off Technology, Wide Sturdy Tempered Glass Bathroom Scale, Round Corner Safe Design

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1. Innotech® Digital Bathroom Scale with Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD (Black)

The last best product in the list today goes to the digital bathroom scale from Innotech. This one is well designed to have a large display, allowing you to check the weight easily. If you take a look at this product, it is known for its attractive black and white color. You will never need to worry about the quality of it since it is very durable.

What’s more, only the high-quality tempered glass is used for constructing this incredible scale. It is also good to know that the accuracy level of it is within 0.2 lbs. Lastly, the weight that it can fully support is up to 400 lbs.

bed bath and beyond bathroom scale

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What to consider when buying a digital bathroom scale

Weight Capacity

Before purchasing a digital bathroom scale, the first thing you need to closely consider is the maximum weight capacity of it. You must have noticed that many products can hold a maximum weight of 400 lbs. If you are heavier than this, you will need to take a look at the product that can support heavy weight.


The next thing you need to consider closely is the design of it. Make sure that you spend your money on a sleek and attractive bathroom scale. This will ensure that it will not take much space in your bathroom as well.

Unit measure

Since each user prefers different measure units, it is wise to invest the money on a nice scale that can offer you all measurement units. It should be able to show the weight in pounds, kg, and more. More than this, it will be a plus if the scale can be used to measure the fat and bone in your body as well.


With all the information you get from our review above, we believe that you’ll get to know more about the most sought-after digital scales that are available on the market right now. Up next, we have a curated buying guides for digital bathroom scales to present to you as well.

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